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Most popular LMS's of 2023 for course creators

Most popular LMS

An LMS, short for Learning Management System, is a software application or web-based technology designed to efficiently facilitate and oversee the education and development of both employees and students. LMS's hold immense significance in the realms of employee training, online education, and engaging with your audience in real-time. It empowers organisations, content creators, educators, and coaches to seamlessly craft online courses, digital offerings and even live classes. In this article we explore the most popular LMS of 2023 for course creators.

What problems does an LMS solve?

LMS addresses the primary challenges faced by a diverse range of entities, including content creators, corporations, educational institutions, private tutors, government agencies, coaches, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in the online teaching landscape. In this article we explore the most popular LMS's of 2023 used by these bodies and individuals.

Most popular LMS's for course creators:

  1. Canvas
  2. Kajabi
  3. Teachable
  4. Gumroad
  5. Utobo
  6. Learnworlds
  7. Thinkific
  8. Podia
  9. TalentLMS
  10. Graphy



1. Canvas

Canvas stands as the most popular LMS's of 2023. It is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that empowers you to craft and deliver captivating online courses. Through Canvas, you gain access to a comprehensive array of capabilities:

  • Harness a diverse set of tools and features for course design, including modules, quizzes, assignments, discussions, and more.
  • Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of external applications and services, such as Google Drive, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.
  • Foster effective communication and collaboration with both students and instructors through announcements, messages, chats, and virtual conferences.
  • Monitor and evaluate student progress and performance using advanced analytics and detailed reports.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your courses anytime, from anywhere, using any device at your convenience.



  • Free for Teachers: $0/month
  • Canvas Basic: $39/month
  • Canvas Pro: $79/month
  • Canvas Premium: $149/month

Oppida and Canvas

Within Oppida, our team boasts expertise in Canvas. Our standout Oppida-Canvas solutions are:

Visit the links above to learn more about these services.

canvas lms

2. Thinkific

As Oppida's second choice for the most popular LMS of 2023, Thinkific provides the capability to design and market online courses, cultivate dynamic communities, and monetise memberships, all within a single, adaptable platform. Key features include:

  • Simple configuration without the need for coding expertise.
  • Full control over site customisation and ownership.
  • Access to comprehensive support and an extensive knowledge repository.
  • A diverse assortment of templates and seamless integrations.
  • Extensive reporting and data capabilities across sales and student engagement.
  • A superlative student journey, ensuring excellence from the initial engagement to course completion.



  • Free: $0/month
  • Basic: $39/month
  • Professional: $119/month
  • Business: $299/month

Oppida and Thinkific

At Oppida, our team excels in Thinkific course development. Visit the link to learn more.

thinkific plaftorm

3. Kajabi

Kajabi emerges as an all-inclusive platform crafted to facilitate the creation, promotion, and sale of your digital and online offerings. Through Kajabi, you gain the capacity to:

  • Develop and distribute a wide array of digital products, ranging from membership sites and online courses to downloadable content and more.
  • Construct landing pages that construct sales funnels, effectively converting leads into valued customers.
  • Cultivate connections with potential clients by sending targeted marketing emails.
  • Efficiently manage all leads and customers through the built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.
  • Streamline revenue collection for your content via an integrated payment system.
  • Establish a dedicated website to serve as the online headquarters for your business endeavours.



  • Basic: $39/month
  • Professional: $119/month
  • Business: $299/month

Kajabi platform

4. Teachable

Teachable streamlines the procedure of crafting and marketing online courses. When utilising Teachable, you can:

  • Seamlessly construct and initiate your courses.
  • Personalise the visual identity of your online school.
  • Leverage a diverse range of integrations.
  • Keep track of course advancement and conduct in-depth metric analysis.
  • Foster student engagement through quizzes and certificates.



  • Free: $0/month
  • Basic: $39/month
  • Professional: $119/month
  • Business: $299/month

Teachable platform

5. Gumroad

Gumroad stands as a versatile Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, granting you the ability to design, educate, and market your digital goods, encompassing online courses. Here's what Gumroad provides:

  • A user-friendly tool to kickstart your online enterprise.
  • Elimination of transaction fees, guaranteeing the retention of 100% of your earnings.
  • Effortless payment handling facilitated through Stripe and PayPal.
  • Convenient one-click scheduling for online classes.
  • White-label choices for seamless integration of an online store with your website.



  • Free: $0/month
  • Basic: $69/month
  • Premium: $129/month
  • Ultimate: $199/month

Gumroad platform

6. Utobo

Utobo, headquartered in Silicon Valley, provides a straightforward approach for crafting, instructing, and marketing online courses and digital offerings. Prominent benefits:

  • A user-friendly platform ideal for initiating your online venture.
  • Removal of transaction fees, guaranteeing the retention of 100% of your earnings.
  • Direct transfers to your bank account facilitated through Stripe and PayPal.
  • Convenient scheduling options for online classes.
  • White-label alternatives for effortless integration of your website.



  • Basic: $49/month
  • Premium: $129/month
  • Ultimate: $299/month

Utobo platform

7. LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds represents a robust training solution suitable for both individuals and enterprises. It's notable capabilities include:

  • Infinite possibilities for crafting courses, complete with landing and sales page design.
  • An intuitive course builder that is easy to navigate.
  • The ability to provide digital downloads and employ interactive engagement tools.
  • A built-in social network feature and the option to utilise a custom web domain.
  • Native mobile applications and white-labeling for a tailored experience.
  • Round-the-clock customer support to address your needs at any time.



  • Starter: $24/month
  • Pro Trainer: $79/month
  • Learning Center: $249/month

LearnWorlds lms

8. Podia

Podia is a versatile online marketing platform, functioning as a virtual marketplace for a diverse range of products. It's benefits:

  • Centralised oversight and sales management for digital products.
  • Efficient integration with nine distinct tools for seamless operations.
  • Scalability catering to both product offerings and customer volume.
  • In-built live chat functionality for immediate customer engagement.
  • Comprehensive support for webinar hosting, storage, and sales endeavours.



  • Free: $0/month
  • Mover: $33/month
  • Shaker: $75/month
  • Earthquaker: $166/month

Podia lms

9. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a multifaceted learning management system tailored for the development, administration, and commercialisation of online courses. Here's what is possible:

  • Intuitive course generation and administration, designed with user-friendliness in mind.
  • Access to limitless courses and email support across all subscription tiers.
  • Availability of single sign-on and the option for custom domains with SSL certificates in specific plans.
  • Tailored reporting capabilities available in higher-tier subscription plans.



  • Starter: $69/month (billed yearly) for up to 40 users
  • Basic: $149/month (billed yearly) for up to 100 users
  • Plus: $279/month (billed yearly) for up to 500 users
  • Premium: $459/month (billed yearly) for up to 1000 users

lms talent

10. Graphy

Graphy serves as an all-encompassing platform for content creators seeking to generate revenue through online courses, digital offerings, webinars, and membership programs. Graphy features:

  • A straightforward setup process encompassing course crafting and listing.
  • Robust analytics capabilities, empowering data-driven marketing and sales strategies.
  • The option for custom application development and the utilisation of custom domains in premium subscription plans.



  • Free: $0/month
  • Launch: ₹19,999/year

graphy platform


MATRIX LMS stands as an elite learning management system tailor-made for businesses. The platform seamlessly amalgamates a comprehensive set of indispensable tools, empowering companies to facilitate effective training and learning endeavors for their workforce, clients, and collaborators.

Here's anoverview of the advantages afforded by MATRIX LMS:

  • Robust capabilities spanning compliance management, collaborative features, secure payment processing, streamlined testing administration, interactive quizzes, employee training facilitation, efficient badge management, attendance tracking, student portal access, engaging gamification elements, and meticulous progress tracking, among other functionalities.

  • Adherence to industry standards, with support for SCORM 1.2, Tin Can, and cmi5, ensuring compatibility and interoperability.

  • Native mobile app support, enabling seamless access and utilisation across various mobile devices.


The plans that MATRIX LMS offers are:

  • Silver: $549 per month (billed annually), up to 100 active users
  • Gold: $1099 per month (billed annually), up to 250 active users
  • Platinum: $1649 per month (billed annually), up to 500 active users
  • Ruby: $2199 per month (billed annually), up to 1000 active users

lms matrix