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Oppida raises the bar in online education

So, you want to be a learning designer?

After two decades of designing, developing, and delivering learning experiences (with 10 years in the digital space) I have written my first book 'Online learning: So, you want to be a learning designer?'

learning designer
  • inspire educators to make the cognitive and skills shift from teacher to Learning Designer
  • support those who ‘accidentally’ became Learning Designers (LDs) since the world moved more and more online!
  • expose the CRITICAL role that Learning Designers play in shaping education now and how they will be PIVOTAL in the future. 

As you may know, Oppida was founded with the vision to raise the bar in online learning globally. I genuinely feel that the only way to do this is to develop what we at Oppida call ‘Learning Design Unicorns’. 

learning design unicorns

These education professionals are LDs who have experience in many LMSs and possess some auxiliary service and project management skills on top of their LD superpowers

Online learning: So, you want to be a learning designer? takes a macro perspective as to why this role is so critical for the future of education and a micro view as to what exactly it means to be a learning designer (and what LD Unicorns do)!

Learning design book

Why did I write this book?

Check out this video to hear about why I wrote 'Online learning: So, you want to be a learning designer?' 

In addition, Oppida is launching two microcredentials in learning design in 2022. 

Approximately 30 hours of learning time, these credentials will ensure LDs complete with a strong portfolio of evidence and fantastic industry connections. Taught by LD Unicorns, there is no aspect of the role we don’t explore! 

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As always, the Oppida family is super excited to be part of the next phase of education. As advocates for student-centered, pedagogically sound learning experiences (blended or fully digital), we advocate daily for quality learning design